Legal Work At Home Jobs

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Legal work at home jobs offer a way to make money through legitimate online sources such as affiliate marketing and at-home Internet businesses. These jobs are usually provided on a freelance basis and can involve placing ads, setting up websites, and selling various types of products from a computer at home. Pay for an at-home computer business varies, but many individuals make their entire income in this manner. Depending on the resource used by an at-home business, an hourly rate of $30-$50 or more is possible.

Locating Legal Work At Home Jobs

Legal work at home jobs may include:

-Affiliate marketing, which involves selling products or services as an affiliate of another business.
-Network marketing, which is similar but with a tiered commission structure.
-Internet marketing, which may involve website creation, advertising, and even blogging.

There are some similarities between these types of jobs, but they each offer distinct advantages and disadvantages for individuals looking to work at home. It is important to make a distinction between reputable at-home Internet jobs and illegal jobs. Companies that offer commissions for referral links in the manner described above are legal, but online pyramid schemes and frauds which take money without providing a service may be illegal.

The best way to determine if a job is a legit opportunity is to do some research on it by reading the reviews of others and visiting 3rd party websites. Keep in mind that reviews for any product or service, whether it be an online job or offline product are almost always negative because satisfied consumers rarely write reviews. It is only the upset and disappointed consumers that tend to voice their opinions on blogs, forums and social media. Lastly, only invest in something what you can afford to lose, there are no income guarantees or promises of return on investment with most opportunities so be careful and don’t use your life savings on them.

Legal Work At Home Jobs In Summary

Legal work at home jobs can be a significant source of part-time or full income. While illegal scams and pyramid schemes do exist, reputable affiliate marketing and network marketing opportunities can offer tremendous gains and the chance to build residual income through commissions and advertising payments. Finding these types of positions simply takes a good working knowledge of how they operate. At-home business owners should recognize the opportunities that offer reputable, legal ways to make money through various types of online referral marketing.

The Legal Services Act 2007 – And Why It Will Save You Money

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Conveyancing is where the ownership of property, that may be a house, flat or a piece of land, is legally transferred to another. The law enables people to do conveyancing for themselves, however it is quite time consuming, and it would be very easy to make an expensive mistake. Most people choose to employ a professional to ensure conveyancing is done properly. One excellent reason for this is that they have indemnity insurance, so you are protected if anything goes wrong.

The Legal Services Act 2007 – and why it will save you money is clear below – provided the framework for removing regulatory restrictions on businesses that provided legal services such as conveyancing. The Act affected the structure, ownership and management of these businesses. Prior to the Act it wasn’t possible to set up a business that could offer a complete range of legal services to customers. This Act meant that Alternative Business Structures could now be set up.

Now non-lawyers can enter into partnership with lawyers, and will be able to offer legal services to their customers, which can be integrated with other services already offered, so that customers can get all the necessary services from one company. It is hoped that the higher level of competition will provide better value for the public and incentives for a better quality service. It means that Tesco or Sainsbury’s can offer home conveyancing in conjunction with their financial products.

After the first reformation of the Act, a timetable was put in place which means that the first of these Alternative Business Structures will be able to be licensed to provide services from 6 October 2011. Simply put, you may soon be able to buy an online conveyancing product.

Some advantages of these alternative business structures:
· Convenience for the customer as they will be one-stop shops for legal services
· Greater competition should improve services and reduce costs
· Trusted household names can offer their services
· Services are more likely to be available online and therefore more convenient

How will this affect those buying or selling homes?

This is excellent news for people who wish to buy or sell their homes next year. It would mean that the whole process could be done through the same firm. In the future, sites will be be able to offer their clients an online conveyancing package, underpinned by a relationship with a licensed solicitor’s firm. The immediately obvious advantage of this is that there will be greater control over the pace of the sale. Currently it is all too easy for the agents selling your home to not be able to be in regular contact with your solicitors, which can significantly slow down the pace of the sale.

It should also make it easier to sort out any problems that might arise during the sale or purchase, as all the information will be going through just one firm and not having to be conveyed between the solicitor and the agent. A lot of experienced homebuyers and sellers will know that hold-ups can often occur due to the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing! Sometimes these hold-ups can have potentially serious effects and can mean the breakdown of the chain if the problem is not resolved promptly.

The overall effect of these new firms should be that house sales and purchases can be completed more smoothly, and hopefully more quickly making it less stressful for everyone – and considerably cheaper!

How will these new Alternative Business Structures operate?

These new Alternative Business Structures can be managed and part owned by non-lawyers and owned by different types of lawyers. This means that the managers can concentrate on the development and management of the firm, leaving the lawyers able to concentrate on the business of practising law. This should help make these firms more successful and also more competitive as their overheads may decrease.

This certainly does not mean that the public will start to receive a substandard service; on the contrary the standard is expected to improve as there will be more competition. These new kinds of businesses will be tightly regulated, so there is absolutely no need for the public to worry that they will not be receiving a good service. Websites may form relationships with solicitor’s firms in all the counties of the United Kingdom, so that customers purchasing conveyancing products online will have the knowledge that a local solicitor is backing up the product.

How will the public be protected?

Anyone wishing to own or manage one of these businesses will have to pass fit and proper tests. Once they have passed these tests they will be given a licence authorising them to practise.

In order to get a licence they will have to:
· Have passed background checks on owners and investors
· Ensure all customers’ money is fully protected
· Maintain adequate levels of insurance for customer protection, so the firms will need to have professional indemnity insurance
· Ensure that the lawyers’ first duty is always to the client and not to the shareholders

In addition to this there will also be a new independent ombudsman to hear any complaints about poor service.


The Legal Services Board has already done quite extensive research into the effects of the Legal Services Act 2007. They have consulted with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and also the Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority, and have interviewed a representative sample of firms affected.

The general opinion was that the new regulations would be a good thing as they would help firms to bring in a much wider range of skills and to become more dynamic. Some firms thought that having these new management structures and skills would have a positive impact on the public perception of firms who provide legal services, as the new system would seem to be more sensible. The overall consensus was that as long as the public is getting a good level of service then this new legislation was to be welcomed. It’s hard to argue that it could be any worse than the current Victorian era based legislation that still governs our housing transactions in the 21st Century!

The public should also view this legislation as a good thing as it improves their freedom of choice and hopefully enables them to get much better value for money, as well as speeding up transactions. Some people may choose to go to a traditional solicitor to have their conveyancing done, or will choose to do it themselves, while others will probably welcome only having to make one phone call, or a simple mouse click to get an up-to-the-minute report on how their conveyancing is progressing. We think the Legal Services Act 2007 is a good thing – and why it will save you money – should be pretty clear; freedom to sell it yourself!


Making Money Online – What About Private Label and Master Resale Rights?

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Of all of the possible methods to make money online, one that gets the most hype for bringing large amounts of cash is the use of Private Label Rights (PLR) and Master Resale Rights (MRR) products. This article will explain just what they are and whether they meet the promises of their marketers.

Just What Are PLR and MRR products

In a nutshell, a PLR product is one that you are allowed to brand as your own (your Private Label) and resell as if it were your own. With some PLR products, you actually get a source file (usually in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format) that you can edit to make it more your own, however most sellers don’t provide these, perhaps because. MRR products typically allow you to resell them to others, or to sell the resale rights to others. They in turn have the same options. However, contrary to what you might initially expect, when you purchase resale rights from someone else, they STILL sell them to others with the same rights… Does this seem right to you?

Are PLR and MRR products Good or Bad?

Almost without exception, they are BAD, for quite a number of reasons, a few of which are presented here.

First, they are typically old products that are no longer selling in their original markets. This may be due to changes in the way business is currently done, or advances in the field, or just because everyone seems to have heard the message. Sometimes it is because they were poor products to begin with. Sometimes they are even blatant rip-offs of somebody else’s product. They rarely have any true value, but the sellers of these products have some very convincing ad copy that can excite even the most jaded online marketer.

Second, they primarily prey on the new people coming into internet marketing, selling the IDEA that they can make a fortune nearly overnight with little or no effort. While they may not actually make any statements that are totally untrue, they make it seem as if by buying their product, then reselling it, you can be rich tomorrow, or the day later at the least. In truth, the only people that seem to make any money with PLR products are the initial sellers, not the people that buy these products with the intent of reselling them under their own label.

Third, they are not original material, and many of them are blatant ripoffs of other copyrighted items. Some of this is unintentional, because the folks selling these may have bought the package from some else, added a few more items and are trying to sell it to you. The possibility of you being the third, fourth, fifth or even higher generation so muddies the copyright situation as to be nearly untraceable. Furthermore, their proliferation makes it even more difficult to determine who the original author was, and whether the rights to the original were actually sold.

Fourth, assuming you can find a product and can determine it can be legally sold is the issue of dilution. There are so many others trying to sell the same (old) thing as to make the product essentially worthless.

Isn’t PLR the same as “white box” or “house branding” of regular products?

Proponents of PLR and MRR will argue that what they are selling is essentially like white box or house branded products in a grocery, specialty or department store. A white box product is one sold without manufacturer identification, that a wholesaler or seller can add a sleeve or over print the box with their own product name. House branded products are similar, but come from the manufacturer with the house brand already incorporated. While some of the basic concept is intact with PLR, that of passing the product on to the next level in the supply chain for branding, nothing else fits the model. For one thing, with physical products, once the re-labeled product is sold, it stops there. Tons of copies of the product aren’t sold to the next level down, because you just can’t copy them like you can digital products. Furthermore, with physical products, the original manufacturer still gains income from his development and production of the product. Because you cannot trace the ownership of a PLR product to the original author or manufacturer, you cannot be sure you are marketing a legal product.

But what about MRR products?

MRR products aren’t a lot different from PLR, though the idea with them is that you can sell the right to resell them to others. (PLR products typically don’t carry MRR with them). Master Resale Rights imply you have the same rights as the original owner and can not only sell the product to someone else, you can also sell the rights for him to resell the product to others. Unfortunately, the same difficulties arise here in being able to trace the ownership of the product to determine if you can legally resell the product. If you could be sure you were dealing with an undiluted, legal product, true MRR might not be so bad, if you could be sure you were the only buyer (exclusive rights). If, however, MRR to a product is being sold to many others, you are back at the same problem as PLR, too many sellers of the same item reduces the value.

There have to be legal ones out there, Should I sell those?

I’m sure there has to be a PLR or MRR product out there that can be traced to a legal owner and verified as being OK to sell, but I haven’t found one yet, and probably won’t as I’m just not willing to put in the extensive time it takes for the research at this point.

Let’s suppose for a moment that you did end up with a PLR or MRR product with legal rights to sell it. Even with a new name on it, it is still the same old product it was, unless you significantly revamp it before you pass it on. With most of the products out there, by the time you have them in shape to be saleable today at a reasonable price, you could have written your own eBook or report on a current topic for the same amount of effort and time. And, it would be unique in the market and you could be proud to sell it. With even the revamped PLR or MRR product, you are trying to sell the same item as hundreds of other people, so the competition is fierce, and the prices are so low as to be ridiculous. I recently saw a couple of PLR books for sale on eBay that weren’t even getting bids with a $0.99 starting price. Given that eBay seems to attract people that will literally bid on anything, this is a sad situation for those sellers.


Though the idea of PLR and MRR was a reasonable concept, once it got to mass marketing, it fell apart and became a place to sell dreams to the uninitiated. Once upon a time, when someone bought Private Label or Master Resale Rights for a product, they were either the only one or one of a select few (typically 5 or less) that bought the rights. The current method of selling the same rights to hundreds if not more people has taken the concept to the point of being reprehensible behavior that takes advantage of the people that may need the money the most.

As P.T Barnum was known to say, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

If I were considering the purchase of PLR or MRR products, I’d think long and hard first, and then only buy them as “research stock” and not with the intent to resell them. I would hope you proceed with similar forethought and deliberation before purchase of these kind of products.


Your Ultimate Guide in Online Printable Legal Documents

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In any enterprise, printable legal documents and forms are needed to be filled out and signed almost everyday, and this is why many companies, especially big ones, have their own in-house lawyers. Small businesses, however, have little financial capabilities to keep an attorney 24/7, so most small business owners, in preparing files on legal matters, suffer from the expensive costs of hiring a lawyer that charges per hour. In the past couple of years however, thanks to the World Wide Web, many law firms in the United States have built their virtual offices, revolutionizing how people consult attorneys and create business contracts. These law firms offer online legal services and make the preparation of papers a lot easier, as websites provide printable legal documents cheap and fast. This discusses the present scene in the industry of printable legal documents online, and can serve as your ultimate guide on how to choose the best online legal services sites.

When you type in legal documents and forms in different search engines, you will be flooded with search results that basically consist of websites offering such services, most of them constructed in a spam-like way and whose credibility is very doubtful. In browsing sites that offer printable legal documents, always make sure that the law firm or attorney affiliated to it holds a good record and can highly be trusted. Just because they claim that they came from “prestigious” law firms doesn’t mean they are reliable. Exert efforts to read the what the website is all about, it’s history, it’s achievements, and of course the people who are working behind it. These facts will be your ultimate guide in evaluating whether the law firm site is worth it or not.

Aside from being aware of the history of the legal services website company, you should also inquire on the number satisfied customers that it has served. Having several hundreds or thousands of clients can be concocted and professed just like that, so it will be very wise to investigate in different forums, blogs, review sites, and other online resources where customers discuss about the services of such online legal document enterprise. Reading reviews is very beneficial as long as they are fair, unbiased, and not affiliated to other rival companies offering the same products and services.

Ordering printable legal documents undergoes a very easy process. In the websites, there will be an outline of legal fields to choose from, from general business to accounting to employment to non-disclosure agreement to bills of sale and to so many others. Online users simply have to click a legal document nearest to or exactly what they need, download it, make a payment that can range anywhere between 10 to 50 dollars, and then print it. When users need to have specific provisions in the legal documents, they can opt to answer questionnaires wherein all questions are aimed to complete all the details necessary to create such provisions. There are even online legal websites that offer email, chat, and phone hot lines wherein prospective customers can make inquiries. There are websites too that give an option of printing the legal documents on their end and shipping them to the customers’ doorstep in an agreed period of time.