How to Create Your Own Product 1 – Research and Outline

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3.1 Start with Information Product

3.2 The pros

  • The Leverages
  • Global Marketplace
  • Deploying the Power of Global Alliances
  • Better Kitted for Success on a Global Dimension
  • You Become a Highly Marketable Expert
  • Robust Resources for Premium Sales
  • Residual Income Extraordinaire
  • High Returns on Investment

3.3 The Cons

3.3.1 The Learning Curve

3.4 A Blissful Start

3.5 Remember, ‘Everything is a Remix’

3.6.0 How to Decide on the Kind of Product That You Want to Create

3.6.1 Meet Specific Need

  • Conduct a Survey of Your Audience
  • Scour the Internet for Blog Comments and Forums on Your Niche Market
  • Read Between the Lines
  • Showcase Your Expertise

3.7.0 Start with Your Most Convenient Method

  • Audio
  • eBook
  • Video

3.8 Product Forms

3.9.0 The Process

3.9.1 Do your market research

3.9.2 Sourcing for Marketable Information

  • Private resale rights
  • Interview experts
  • Compile popular questions and give answers
  • Permissible thefts
  • Record other people seminar and reuse
  • Set up webinars and teleseminars
  • Screen capture your skills using your computer
  • Adapt a successful eBook into another language

3.10.0 The Act and the Art of Creating Your Own Product

3.10.1 Write out your product outline

  • Write the eBook in Full
  • Turn it into PDF
  • Make Your eBook Beautiful

3.11 Write the Email Swipes

3.12 Create and Set up the Sales letter





Creating your own product for sale to your market is by far, a better idea, but it has some pros and cons.


  • To give details procedures involve in creating an information products
  • To provide resourceful links to make this possible
  • To encourage learners to use this ecourse to plan and create their first information product


When you are about to start an Internet Marketing business, two things will readily come to your mind.

The two things are:

  • are you going to sell your own products, and render services directly from your own self hosted website
  • or sell someone else product and services?

In other words, what are you going to sell to your customers?

3.1 Start with Information Product

Let me assume that your answer is that you want to sell your own information products. You may not want to start with a service like web hosting or website design service as you may not be a Technical person (AKA a Techie).

Hopefully, you will get to that point someday, if that is what you want. But for now it is a good flay of wisdom to offer an information product for obvious reasons – it is an easier, faster and highly profitable approach to online business.

Creating your own product for sale to your market is by far, a better idea, but it has some pros and cons:

3.2.0 The pros

  • The Leverages

Internet offers the greatest leverages now for any business than had ever existed in Industrial History till date.

If you have not done so before now, please hurry, find and read the book ‘Retire Young, Retire Rich’ by Robert Kiyosaki, and you will understand the above statement more.

This simply means more leverages, more profits at shorter period for your business.

  • Global Marketplace

Having even one digital product to sell to the whole world is abundantly more than enough to pull you out of the woods – i.e. if you know what to do.

Infact, it is knowing the process that really matter in this business, and that is what you should pay rapt attention to learn in these your formative years in this business.

After that, the rest is history, and it is you that is going to create or rather, recreate that your life history.

  • Deploying the Power of Global Alliances

By way of Affiliates who offer their lists and expertise to serve you in marketing your product(s) for free.

  • Better Kitted for Success on a Global Dimension

Talking about the skills and experience you gain in the process, you are among the best, on a global scale, not just a local champion and not just for a while but for expended period of any foreseeable future. Can you beat that?

  • You Become a Highly Marketable Expert

You can now build more and more products faster after the initial experience. Your can do this for yourself and others if you wish to.

  • Robust Resources for Premium Sales

Your initial product can easily be turn into other forms for sales at higher prices – Audio, eBook, Membership site, etc.

  • Residual Income Extraordinaire

You just create it once and sell over and over again, with few and rare revisions when necessary to keep up with technological development in the marketplace.

  • High returns on investment

Such that is never heard of in any other industry. Most of the time, when done, correctly, it usually brings in on a consistent basis, over 100% returns on investment (ROI).

There are so many other advantages to be enjoyed by a digital product owner, but let us just break here so that we can focus on other related issues.

3.3.0 The cons

3.3.1 The Learning Curve

This will cost you a bit more in terms of time and money.

But, it is doable.

3.4 A Blissful Start

If you are a professional or you have a high in demand skill set, you can easily start by selling some useful advice on that online.

For instance, you may be a Tailor, Seamstress, Organist, Teacher, Nurse, Doctor, Engineer, Accountant, etc. Do market research on the aspects of your profession that people are searching for more information with the tools that we discussed in chapters 2 and 3 of this ecourse.

Use those results of your market research to build your own product as we shall discuss in this and subsequent chapter.

A teacher may for instance decide to own a website and teach the whole instead of just his classroom members. Look in the direction of any of the following courses which are already in high demand globally:

beauty tips,

language lessons – French, German, Russian, Chinese and even English.

Remember, our world has become a global village, there is therefore a very high demand for these lessons worldwide.

A Nurse can teach Health with special bias on Natural Remedies. Most ailments that have become anathema in Western (Orthodox) medicine have been resolved with the help of these natural remedies. Thus, information on natural cures for cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc. are selling like hot cake online now.

We have noted somewhere that as far as information marketing is concerned, the big three areas are Health and Beauty, Love and Relationship, and How to Make Money.

But this does not mean that information are not selling in other areas, or that people are not making a living online selling other products outside the big three. For instance, an Engineer may resort to Technical Writing. People who are not even Engineers are doing well in technical writing.

In your own country, what is the current challenges that people have? Remember your information product is not meant to be all about you, but to help people who buy them to solve their immediate problems.

Some people in your country want to travel abroad, learn baking, get overseas education, do rice farming, do importation, export cassava and garlic, learn computer programming, web design, SEO, decoration, etc., etc.

Please note that to minimize delay and confusion of what product to sell, you must first of all decide if you want to start selling at the local or foreign market.

There are a whole world of differences in both marketplaces.

Again, you don’t have to be an expert.

Just find out what people want and assemble information that satisfies that specific want and give it to them at a profit.

3.5 Remember, ‘Everything is a Remix’

Google for ‘Everything is a Remix on Vimeo’ and watch the online video.

Also remember what Steve Jobs said:

‘Good Artists Copy, Great Artist Steal. We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas’ – Steve Jobs, 1994.

This boils down to: creativity + innovation(s) = invention(s).

Again, let’s look at it this way, the basis of modern day information and communication industry started with the invention of:

Telephone, then,

Radio, then,

Telegram (telegraph), then,

Black and white television, then,

Coloured television, then,

Satellite television, then,

Mobile telephone, then,

Mobile satellite television (in mobile phones and PCs), then,

Mobile private and public satellite Video (TV) Channel e.g. YouTube

Mobile private and public satellite Radio Channel (in mobile phones and PCs), then,

And so on and so forth… more abound that I have not mentioned here, and many more are yet to come.

I am not about the order of which one came first, I am leaving that to the students of history and philosophy of science, but my concerns are:

the connectivity of the basic idea* + the main new idea**,

the creativity,

the innovation and

the ‘invention mix’ (as in the ‘market mix’).

And, it all started with GRAHAM BELL’s telephone.

In fact, if you scour the internet, you will discover that, it was not Graham Bell that originally invented the telephone, but the court, US and history at large just credited it to his name because of the wise and skilful innovations he added to the original patent that made it commercially viable till date!

(* the basic idea or the general idea here refers to communication by the old, usual and the natural means.

** while the main new idea here refers to communication by the new means i.e. the newly discovered or to be discovered means, in the case of telephone – communication by means of electrical wires).

That is what I referred to as ‘stealing wisely’ in chapter 9 of this course:

In our days – the 21st century, you don’t even need to steal, just ask the experts for a sample or complimentary copy and they will happily oblique.

So don’t be afraid to give an old information a new dress, shape or form. It could turn out to be very useful to you or at least to the rest of the people out there.

No, just go and take a long-drawn-look at the marketplaces, the categories, the niches and the sub niches and you will discover profitable niches to play along.

Sites like Nairaland, Hot Spot, ClickBank or JVZoo are good places to begin.

3.6.0 How to Decide on the Kind of Product That You Want to Create

Please note well what I want to say now.

It is what makes the difference between a successful business and a struggling one. It also applies to offline business, not just internet marketing only.

Do not sell what people are not looking for. Find out what they are looking for to use and solve their problems and fetch out or create the information product(s) for them and they will happily and repeatedly hand over their money to you in exchange for the solution to their problem.

Another way to say this is:

People generally want to buy solution to their problems. They have a pain they want to relieve, they have a sore or painful area in their live that they want to resolve as soon as possible or they have a level of pleasure that they want to enjoy. That is the reason they go online to seek for solutions.

Thus, your product must be a solution to their sore or painful areas of their lives, or it must provide the pleasure they need. It must relieve a specific pain(s) or give them a specific pleasure(s) they were looking for.

That and that alone is what will make them match down your website in droves in search for your product. So far as it resolve the pains or provide the needed pleasure, they will happily and repeatedly pay you for it.

But, there is still another way of saying this: ‘in online business, first, find out what people want to buy, then, find (or create) the product and sell to them at a profit’.

In practice, this applies in reverse order to offline business: where people first, find or create the product before they set out to find a market to sell to.

Thus, this small difference is what makes online business a highly profitable venture compared to offline counterparts.

By the time you finish the process of getting your information product, the market is ready, willing and even very hungry to buy it from you.

3.6.1 Meet Specific Need

You Can Be Sure Your Product Will Meet Specific Need and bring in high returns by doing the following things:

  • Conduct a Survey of Your Audience

This is possible if you have an existing Blog or Email list. If not, do not worry, there are many other ways to do this as we shall see next.

On your blog comment or email feedback, ask them the type of product that they will like to have, the format and the topics they will like treated. Find time to interact with your blog readers or members of your list. It can be very rewarding.

  • Scour the Internet for Blog Comments and Forums on Your Niche Market

Many people go online to talk about their problems and their cares. If there are many people talking about a certain issue in a forum or blog, this means that products that resolve such matter will sell well. Some blogs and forum require signed membership for this very reason, so do not be afraid to sign up. Do not ignore the social media in the process: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Hangout, etc.

  • Read Between the Lines

This an advanced tactics. If you are already selling affiliate products online successfully, then watch out the type of products that people buys regularly and create similar product of your own in the market. It will sell like wildfire.

Remember, everything is a remix!

Not only in this business but in all aspects of life, everything is a remix.

You can also observe your blog for the most widely read articles and then create related products for sale. Then just add your links to those popular products and you are good to go.

  • Showcase Your Expertise

I have already talked on this in the previous paragraphs. As a professional, if you have a high-in-demand expertise (e.g. a beautician, physiotherapist, naturalist, etc.), then you can do market research to find out how people like you are selling theirs online and follow suit.

To avoid creating a product that will not make you money for your effort and investment follow these step one by one and will you find among them one, two or more that you can follow through based on your level of experience.

Please go back and follow the above steps one after the other to arrive at a marketable and profitable product(s).

3.7.0 Start with Your Most Convenient Method

  • Audio – you can just read out or dictate or talk what you intend to write in a standby microphone in a silent environment where there is no background noise. At the end what you have is an Audio product that you can sell anywhere around the globe.

Audacity is one of the best tools for doing this, Google for: audacityteam.

  • eBook – later, copying out the content of your audio product into a computer software like the Microsoft word (Open Office, it’s a FREE software, just browse and get it on the net) will create an eBook for you.

To sell it online all you need is to turn it into a Portable Document File (PDF) and it becomes a scalable product. More on this in a while.

  • Video – in most part of the world, people who wax music for the first time usually start with an audio CD and later a Video CD and progress to other formats including FLAC, MP3, WMA, WAV, etc. or vice versa.

Did you ever ask, why?

Convenience, cost and preferences.

Camtasia Studio is one of the best and industry standard nowadays for online video. But you can even start with your smart phone and upload the videos onto YouTube and it will be acceptable while you are making money to acquire expensive camera or learning how to use online software like Camtasia.

3.8 Other Product Forms

In the final analysis, your product must take so many forms so that you can sell it in so many markets in response to the market preferences.

Such forms include:

Audio training

Video series

Questions and answers

Membership Site with new contents added monthly


Coaching supported by telephone calls,




Short reports,



Continuity programs – weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, bimonthly, etc.


Swipe files, and so on and so forth.

Suppose you want to start by creating your own digital product now, how do you start?

3.9.0 The Process

Below is an example of steps to follow in your information product creation process:

3.9.1 Do your market research

Google Keyword Planner, Market Samurai, and Longtail Pro, Nichebot are the best tools in the market for this task. I have already discussed in one of this course how to use at least one of them. You can Google for others.

3.9.2 Sourcing for Marketable Information

To make product creation a lot easier for most green horns and even topflight experienced business executives, there are ethical ways that you can source for information to make your new products.

Such ways include but not limited to:

  • Private resale rights

Just type that into your browser and you will find multiple sites to choose from. Usually you buy and rewrite them as your own product and add your own angle to the product. Remember this product is sold to many people and not only you, so endeavor to polish it to make it unique. If you are using free products for this, always endeavor to check out the rights, to avoid legal issues in the future.

  • Interview experts

Find out experts in your field and interview them. You can then use transcription services at Fiverr, Upwork, etc. to write them out in any form that you want.

  • Compile popular questions and give answers

You can do this by yourself even as a newbie in your market niche. You can also use freelancers at: Peopleperhour, 99designs, Craiglist, Toptal, etc.

  • Permissible thefts

Go to and browse for your popular categories. Download about 50 articles in your chosen niche topic and compile them into an eBook. You can cite them in bits and pieces and spice the book up with some Vimeo or YouTube videos.

This is legal so far as you keep the authors’ resource boxes intact. Remember to insert link to your site as you introduce the subject matter, turn it into PDF and sell.

  • Record other people seminar and reuse

You can help a friend record his seminar on the agreement that you will use it also to promote your own products. Your phone or your camera can do the job cheap for you, no need for a professional cameraman.

  • Set up webinars and teleseminars

You need some experience and confidence to do this, albeit it is not a hard thing. You can skip this till when you have enough money to hire expert to help you in the process. There are free and paid services to choose from.

The free ones are: Google hangout, zoom, bigbluebutton,, meetingburner, mikogo, zohomeeting, webhurdle.

Anymeeting and gotomeeting are paid service, but they also have free trials for new clients.

  • Screen capture your skills using your computer

If you want to teach your skills to online audience, this is the preferred approach.

There is a free tool you can use for this: screencast-o-matic

  • Adapt a successful eBook into another language

China is a global destination now for global trade. Find a book, obtain the right and adapt it into Chinese and it will sell like hot cake. You can also do this with other books and other languages.

This is called Transcription service.

3.10.0 The Act and the Art of Creating Your Own Product

3.10.1 Write out your product outline

Start with major topics that you would discuss in your eBook, then write out the bullet points under each topic. As you fill in simple explanations in between the major topics will later become the chapters, while the bullet points will become the sections and sub sections of the book.

3.10.2 Write the eBook in Full

After the initial rough or manuscript as some may like to call it, go through the product again with the aim of crossing the tees and dotting the ais. Also read the whole plot with the aim of ensuring Mechanical Accuracy and some Congruence in the points presented.

Some people may differ on this by saying that you should not aim at perfection, there is actually no prefect product in the market as the Internet world is always changing in a very fast rate.

But I am not advocating perfection here, but wish to clarify the fact that there is always a growing competition in the marketplace and most victims are poorly and unduly hurried products.

If you found it more convenience to start with the Audio format, you can also use this software to get both Audio and eBook copies delivered to you online at the same time at:

dragon speech recognition software

3.10.3 Turn it into PDF

From your Microsoft word (Microsoft Open Office), you can easily convert your eBook into a PDF format. PDF is a globally available software that is usable in all types of computers.

This is advisable to do as you will be sending your eBook to different people in different parts of the world. Different people in different environments are orientated to different software, so it is good to have your eBook in a generally acceptable format that satisfies these global markets.

Henceforth, think and see your business as a global venture.

3.10.4 Make Your eBook Beautiful

It is more than a common sense to note here that if you add an attractive eBook cover to your product, you will attract more sales than if you just sold it as an ordinary PDF.


If you don’t know how to do this yourself, employ the services of experts online at ebookbaby, myecovermaker or even at Fiverr.

3.11 Write the Email Swipes

Email swipes will form part of your marketing materials.

See yourself now as a Vendor in one or more of the Affiliate Program sites like ClickBank or Affiliate network like Commission Junction.

Email swipes are follow up emails that you and your Affiliates will be using to follow up your prospects. It is known that most people won’t buy from you until you have been in touch with them for about seven times. Go ahead and write them now.

3.12 Create and Set up the Sales letter

A Sales Letter is your secret sales machine and the untiring Salesman.

This is going to be the page that you are going to show to your prospects who sign-up in response to your ads. It gives in details the benefits of your product, why he should buy now, how much he should pay into which account.

Ensure that your sales letter is professionally written. A good blend of text and graphics is recommended.

But if you are scared, you can get a virtual assistant at Fiverr to handle this on your behalf.

3.13 Set up Everything and Get Ready For Sales

By now you must have set-up a self-hosted website for this product. There are FREE and reliable software as well as paid once for this depending on your budget.

Just upload everything – the email swipes, sales letter, all the graphics and relevant files onto the website.

Remember to test-run everything by yourself, as well as asking your friends or mentors to also help you test-run, before you begin to advertise your business to the public.

3.14 The Profits are in the Links

I want to end this chapter by emphasizing the fact that we are living in the LINK ECONOMY. In other words, the profits of this business flows through the links.

This means check all your links to ensure that they all work fine. Use affiliate link where appropriate, confirm your right to use free products sourced online to avoid legal issues; and most of all be sure the download link of your own product is working as intended.

That’s the deal.


I just notice that I have gone so far, many pages, many sections and sub sections.

This is because, when you have your own product that is where the Internet Riches that you have been hearing of, actually comes from.


I covered step by step details on how to create your own profitable product for the marketplace. But there are still other details that I have left out for the next chapter.


Go over this chapter again and again to get a good grasp of the process as I will be dealing with another aspect of this fast-tract riches in the next chapter.

5 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Selling Online

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EBay is an auction website designed to be the fastest way possible to effectively sell goods online.

Analyze this statement and think about the recent fee hike imposed on eBay store sellers. Could this be a reason why the fee hike was imposed? I certainly think it is a factor because eBay was created as a place that anyone can auction off just about anything for a quick profit. I know that it is tempting and that it is by far much easier to sell products on an eBay storefront and to rely on the simplicity of EBay’s payment system Paypal. I guess you wouldn’t think twice about trusting such a great and effective service with your business but please look at the risks. It is from a Wiseman’s theory that one should never place all of their eggs in one basket.

If you decide to only sell your goods on one site than you are putting your business in the control of one company that can make you non-existent at any time without prior warning. Many people feel uncomfortable building their own website simply because it is totally new unexplored platform to them. I would tell anyone that wants to make it as an online seller to go for it and to educate themselves as much as possible. You need to be in control of your business not only for the future of your business but for your financial security as well. My suggestion for anyone starting out would be first to register your domain name with a reputable domain sales company. You will than need to register your hosting service with another company to add greater security to your investments. Now research, compare, and choose a storefront that you can reasonably run an online storefront from. I would suggest if you have some programming knowledge to use an open source free shopping cart.

The knowledge and freedom that you gain and the work that you put in will be far more beneficial when you do it yourself instead of paying a service charge to get the task done. Once you set your main storefront up you need to reach the customer through a variety of measures provided by advertising and also to ensure better results consider adding an affiliate marketing plan to your storefront allowing others to sell your products in exchange for a commission. The storefront you create on your domain will be the powerhouse of your business that is secure by you the business owner with it branching out to many of the wonderful service opportunities available to online sellers.


2. Paypal is a popular choice payment service provider that you may consent to regulate and transfer all or some of your internet transactions.

Paypal is a very successful company that currently provides the majority of payment transactions. When you sign up for this service you are required to agree to every one of their policies as a legal agreement between you and paypal. I strongly suggest any buyer or seller that signs up for this service educate themselves about what they are agreeing to because you may find that the risk simply is or is not worth it depending on your situation. In basic summary of the legal terms you agree to waive the vast majority of your consumer rights regarding payments sent and received through paypal. This means that you are making paypal the sole judge for all your transactions done by this service. Unfortunately paypal is not FDIC insured like your local banks which means your money is 100% unsecured. Paypal is indeed a great service and has been used successfully by many users however in my opinion they are far too large and far too unregulated to properly judge your disputed transactions. They list their rights in their agreement and will at any time use their rights as stated in the agreements. Alternatives to paypal can include a Merchant Account/ Payment Gateway Service, electronic check payments, other online payment service providers, and traditional mail in payments. You must decide which method is going to be most beneficial to your situation as well as protect your clients and your business.


You must act as your own judge when choosing your Manufacturers and Suppliers.

I remember seeing time and time again the first question most new sellers ask is where do I get my products? First mistake is they ask sellers to list their sources. Ask yourself this why any seller would provide their hard-researched sources to you. The answer is they most likely will not because who wants less sales and more competition, certainly not me. As an authorized supplier for a number of manufacturers I do provide wholesale services to legal retailers and entailers online. I hold many of the same policies as other wholesalers do and that is you need to provide me a copy of your “resale” license and complete the “tax-exempt” form. I also provide commissions for sales brought to me by my affiliates, and offer drop shipping services to a select number of approved merchants who wish to resale my products online. As a distributor (wholesaler) I buy direct from the manufacturer which requires high minimums ranging from usually around five thousand to a couple hundred thousand dollars USD. I will tell you now I was not able to start out as a wholesaler when I first started as a merchant. I had to work my way up with cash flow. Wholesalers make money on bulk volume sells which usually ranges from 20%-40% mark up.

The retailer than takes these and deals directly to the consumer regulating appropriate collection of taxes and setting their markups appropriate to their market. A general rule of thumb in my opinion is a Brick and Mortar store should at least mark up their product 100% which would be a Sale of $20 for a purchase of $10 wholesale. ECommerce is looked down upon as a threat to a lot of manufacturers because of its supply chain potential damages. Online Retailers have a variety of strategies to take with one extreme of high markups and low sales volumes(less work) or low markups and high volumes(A lot more work!). I usually see most domain storefronts sell 75%-100% markup of wholesale price. I usually see new items on eBay/auction storefronts sell at a markup of 25%-75% depending on demand and competition. If you choose eBay as your seller platform be forewarned that you are going to be in one of the most competitive markets that usually only distributors can servive in with maybe a few exceptions of course. I had some of the top zippo lighter sales recorded by auction analytic sites on a certain number of occasions once I reached power seller status and sales of over $10,000 eBay sales/month. I am going to let a number of you on one of my Zippo product strategies since I now have a number of salesmen selling my products on eBay. It involves two (really legally one) additional factors that effect the final total paid by the buyer. For legal compliance I would suggest to any seller to only use the Insurance for the cost of insurance if you are going to make it required for the buyer. If it is optional than you have better grounds for charging reasonable insurance fees. I usually didn’t use insurance except on rare instances and test occasions.

I instead used the one additional payment which is the s/h. Buyers hate s/h charges that are over the listed shipping charges noted on the package. This is bad for the seller because it often involves a lot more in expenses than just postage. Thank you for invisible indicia provided by a number of United States Postal Service’s authorized service providers. This solves those buyer complaints for the most part unless you are just obviously overcharging on shipping and not disclosing it in your auction listing agreements. If you clearly state what your s/h charges are in your listings than your buyers have no room to complain. My EBay Store Success came from a little psychology trick which sold my items at the average wholesale price with tiered shipping and handling charges that I defined clearly in the listing including labor, postage, and packaging costs. I tiered this as I had seen previous catalog magazines do in the past by defining shipping per item as $3.99 for .01-.99, $5.99 for $1-$10, $7.99 for $10-25, $9.99 for $25+ and added $2 for international. I also gave an additional dollar off for each additional item as a buying incentive. Now a few buyers are not going to like this and they might complain to you that your shipping is too high. I dealt with them in agreement to some advice that my first wholesaler gave me and that is that is my price if you don’t agree to it than don’t purchase it.

If the buyer decides to bid or buy it now they are legally obligated to that contract and if they fail to pay are subject to collection of all fees subject to that listing and should be handled by filing a non paying bidder final value fee reimbursement. EBay doesn’t like to lose money and strikes their account. A couple of those and the account will be suspended from EBay. Now you can always bargain if your sales are inefficient but once your sells are decent enough you shouldn’t have to. It is usually these buyers that cause most of the complaints that you have to deal with so better to not deal with them in the first place in my opinion. I would suggest that you always be professional, fair, polite, and stern for all policies regarding your listing. This is your business don’t let yourself be taken advantage of by buyers or they most likely will walk all over you.


Volume can control and dominate your life if you’re not prepared.

I’m sure many of you can recall reading one of Marsha Collier’s outstanding information guides. I have to say that the most memorable thing personally for me was when she talked about how volume really wasn’t the answer! She improved her strategy to get free from the volume trap by creating passive income. I have to tell you all that this is so true! I have since I was a little child tried to take on more than I can handle without implementing or asking for help when I really needed it. How much do you really want to work? Well I would say a typical 30-50 hour range is acceptable for a full timer. My auction site on eBay was getting 100,000 hits a month before I closed it in August and I was breaking $20,000/month on eBay in addition to my wholesale volume from Dallas retailers! I think it was a disguised blessing from God that I experienced a transition from eBay because I had no life anymore and miserably worked 80+ hours a week. I was making a ton of money with net sales of between $10,000-$15,000/month but of course I also would consider myself obsessive compulsive when it came to my business so I only took what I needed to live on out and expanded my product line.

I didn’t want to take the time to hire help because if any of you have done this before you all know that a good employee is worth their weight in gold. If you want to have no social life or free time than you might just be able to pull these 80 hour work weeks off for a while but usually there comes a time when your going to need help if you want to continue your success. There are a number of ways to do this the first is to hire employees to ease your workload. Another one closely related to Marsha Collier’s passive income strategy is more dynamic by creating informational rich websites/stores that link those products listed by you on your domain to one of your partners that in turn pays you commission also known as affiliate marketing. A final alternative is to use a drop shipper but be very careful to test the tenacity of these suppliers before you rely on them. I used only one company to drop ship products and they are actually a manufacturer that did it for me as a favor. I have a drop shipping program for a select number of my online sellers that I give real wholesale pricing to but unfortunately its only a handful of people since I don’t want to be a shipping manager 80 hours a week again. Please be good to yourself and your business by outsourcing your work to reliable partners and employees.

Never overlook opportunity and always be willing to learn!

I honestly believe this is one of the most important lessons anyone can learn and that is to not let your pride blind you from learning from those with wisdom. I am still learning new strategies, tips, tricks, etc. everyday from all sorts of different people. One of the most valuable experiences of my life that led me to the Ecommerce business was the opportunity that it processed. I first came to this realization at the local flea market at Grand Prairie, Texas where I first sold my lighters. The people there are absolutely fascinating, although they might look poor, and appear like they barely make it. They have some of the best attitudes and looks on life that I have ever encountered. They believe in what this country was all about and that is the American Dream. I truly believe that anyone can be as successful and happy as they desire with only their minds to limit their ambitions. I challenge you to go to a flea market if you have not already done so and watch these people. You would be surprised that many of these people make very impressive incomes with some better than many business executives. If you really do desire success and your willing to put your full tamasity into your dream I have no doubts that you can and will make it!


Make Sure It’s Legal

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Many people will say they feel safer if they are able to carry something to use to for self-defense purposes. However, most will not do the research to learn what is legal or not legal to carry. Not taking the time to learn this often means the difference between being sued in civil court, having to do jail time, or both.

The internet is a good place to begin looking for answers as to what is legal to carry within your state. Keep in mind that the laws regarding firearms and self-protection products may vary greatly between within the state. For example, carrying a stun gun if a person has a FOID card may be legal within city limits, but not allowed out in suburban areas. Another good suggestion would be to talk to the local police or attorneys who deal in criminal cases.

If buying self-defense products online, navigate around the site to see if there is information regarding where they can ship products. I have noticed that some self-defense companies suggest that people contact the authorities in their state to determine if they can purchase certain items. There are a few who will allow people to purchase from them, but will announce that people are “on their own” if they get caught with the items. But a lot of companies will post on their web site where they are not allowed to sell their products. If someone tries to buy something anyway, reputable companies will refund their money and not make the sale.

Be wary about buying items from certain dealers, especially at places like fairs and swap meets. First of all, it’s very likely that there are no background checks going on. I remember being at a street fair and coming across a booth that had a long table filled with switchblade knives and brass knuckles, both of which are illegal to carry where I live. People were snapping things up, including a lot of underage youths.

Never ask a friend or relative to buy self-defense products for you unless those items are legal to own and carry. A baton that a buddy has hiding in their car may look like a good item to have. But consider this: if batons aren’t legal to carry in that area, how did your friend get a hold of one? Would it be safe going to the friend’s source to purchase one?

People should be able to protect themselves, but it pays to do so legally.


Why Online Legal Solutions Are Not Good Enough for Your Business

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With the advanced technology of the Internet, more and more business services are being offered online. This includes legal document preparation. For many new business owners this sounds like a dream come true.

However, online services are not as helpful as they may seem. Although online legal document assembly companies like and are preeminent in marketing their products online, they advise you in their legal terms and conditions that they are not substitutes for the advice of an attorney. Online legal sites are not law firms. They cannot offer all the services that a real attorney can provide. They are document preparation services only.

For a modest fee, these online sites can assemble the basic documents to incorporate your business and some can file initial documents with the state that are required of your company upon incorporation. However, their work stops there. Once you receive your documents, these online sites leave it to you to decide which forms should be used and to interpret those documents, along with other online forms and software that is included with most packages. You may think you are getting some legal help from these sites but you are really only paying for self-help legal services. You are on your own.

What you many new entrepreneurs do not realize is that these sites only do part of the work. Since these sites are not permitted to engage in the practice of law, they are prohibited from providing any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation to a consumer about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies that are the foundation of getting any business started right. If you think you are going to get any answers to any legal questions you may have in the future, think again. If you choose any of these online solutions you will be representing yourself in any legal matter you undertake through these online document assembly programs.

Corporate lawyers know that our clients’ businesses are unique. Each corporation has its own requirements and personalities. Corporate lawyers create personal attorney-client relationships and encourage questions and discussions regarding all legal matters of the business. The differences between an online service and a lawyer are evident right from the start. Instead of dealing with an online questionnaire to be reviewed who knows where, by who knows who, an attorney will have a personal interview to discuss the needs of the business to guide the start up in the right direction from the beginning.

During this process you will review not only the current aspects of your company, but also your goals for the future of the business. Without this basic knowledge, it is impossible to determine what the best type of business entity is for your specific enterprise. Only after understanding the nature of the business are your legal documents prepared to suit the needs of your particular company. Your corporate records are tailored to you and your company. Once the company is incorporated, business owners will have an ongoing relationship with their lawyer to help them avoid the potential legal pitfalls of carrying out their business enterprise.

Every year, the corporation is required to update its corporate records. A thorough corporate attorney will have your corporation on an annual tickler system. Every year you should be notified that your company records are in need of review and updates. Another meeting will be scheduled with your attorney to review the meeting agenda. Corporate records are from that point, updated correctly with the State in which your business resides and the internal formalities are maintained.

Only corporate attorneys who have a thorough knowledge of business law can make such a process easy, efficient and worry-free for you. Think about it this way. If you were going to jump out of an airplane, would you select the parachute packed by someone other than a professional? My guess is not. So why would you place the responsibility of selecting and assembling the most important documents regarding your corporation on any other shoulders than those of a trained, legal professional? Skip the headaches and worry which will surely come. Contact a corporate attorney from the start.